Tim Grimmet

PRivate lending

Do you want to invest in real estate and do none of the work? Headache Free Properties seeks to develop accredited and non-accredited investor clients, with significant capital funds to help you utilize and grow your assets with higher than bank CD returns. We do this through our private lending program. I meet with potential investors to help them develop a plan and execute it through our program at Headache Free Properties.

Real estate investment, despite the crash of a few years ago, is always a great idea. Larger investors and companies always jump in when the market is weak, because they know eventually, the market will rebound. They know it’s a much safer investment than the volatile up and down stock market. But, before you explore this realm, there are some things you need to know before you invest, especially as you examine your possible sources of income to invest.

I help you choose a self-directed IRA company that is best designed to help you invest in our properties. A self-directed IRA is a retirement account that has the same tax benefits as a regular IRA but with more flexibility. You can invest in the following:

           *Real Estate (commercial or residential, rentals, rehabs, etc)
            *Promissory Notes secured by mortgages
            *Tax lien Certificates
            *Limited Partnerships

As you work with me, I’ll answer the following questions to walk you through the process.

*How do I get started?
*How do I establish an account?
*What are the common account fees?
*How do I transfer my funds for use?
*How do you get approval for an investment?
*Where can I find my first investment property?
*How long will this all take and when will it start generating money?

Headache Free Properties helps you select custodians for your money. The government requires a “custodian”, or “go-between” for you and the real estate investment opportunities. And, we help you find those services for anyone interested in making their money grow into significant passive income. If you feel like a self-directed IRA is the way you want go with your money, then we will help you dive in, research and execute your investment plan. We’re here as a resource for you.

The whole process is designed to help you become a private lender. Private lenders lend money to individuals and organizations in much the same way that banks do, but they are not professional lending institutions. Even better, this investment method offers a higher than normal rate of return compared to what you can expect from conventional bank cd’s accounts or fixed insurance annuities.