Tim Grimmet

Our Company

About twenty years ago, I managed a convenience store. The job involved a lot of long and crazy hours that kept me away from my family. Then, one day, a customer walked in and showed me a check for $36,000 — money he’d made from selling a piece of real estate. I dove headlong into this new adventure and it transformed my entire life. I founded several companies along the way to help others achieve the amazing life they’ve always wanted.

Headache Free Properties takes you through the process of learning how to generate significant passive income through real estate investment and provide real estate investment opportunities. I do this through developing private investment opportunities, one on one coaching, monthly trainings and providing opportunities to learn with hands on experience.

And, with those programs, I help you develop the proper mindset, organize your business structure, develop sources of investment capital, and identifying potential properties. The whole process is designed for you to generate consistent and overwhelming passive income and start living the Amazing Life of your dreams.

We listened intently, to understand what we were being called to do.

We knew there had to be a reason why we kept hearing the same questions and concerns.

We listened to their stories and family challenges.

We recognized the doubt we heard in their voices and in their choice of words.

We felt their heart’s desire to create a meaningful life vision and a realistic plan, to live a life which they knew in their heart they were promised.

Why We Do What We Do…

Headache Free Properties was created to serve you and our communities. Do you believe in the American dream?

You know, find something you love to do as your life’s work, share it with others, so that when you are ready to reach your retirement, you are healthy, happy and financially rich in your relationships and your wealth to live an amazing life… a life truly worth living.

Are you on track to achieve your life vision?

As we started to take the necessary steps to create and achieve our life vision, some of our friends and neighbors asked us to share with them how we do what we do.

So, we started to show them exactly what we were doing and specifically, how we were successfully paying off debt and building wealth with each step.

But then, we started to notice something that we encountered with each of the families. We were hearing similar comments and stories, consistently, again and again, all leading to the same request.

They started asking us about our family vision and how to create a family wealth plan.

Now, understand, this was not something we planned to discuss with anyone. Actually, it seemed a little too close for comfort. In fact, we were simply following some basic rules we embraced to take care of our growing family’s needs.

We had a simple vision and it was this…

How can we find a solution that will serve Our Lord, take care of our family’s needs and be financially responsible in any situation?

These are some of the opportunities we thought about for our own family:

– How can we create more money without working 2, 3 or 4 jobs?
We knew it was unrealistic to think we would be working multiple jobs and have a decent family life.

– How can we create additional cash to save for our girls’ college educations? We wanted to be sure our daughters would have a strong foundation for their careers, without going into debt to start.

– How can we quickly pay off our debts and create cashflow for our retirement and life legacy? We knew it was smart to pay off debts AND save for the long term.

We had to think creatively and utilized strategies that we learned and knew were successful.

We prayed for guidance and listened for answers to allow for clear understanding, knowledge and wisdom to come through so we could help.

Here’s the a brief outline that we follow:

1. Acknowledge and give thanks for everything, each and every day today.

This means taking time specifically set aside to acknowledge the good stuff.

Recognize our blessings. 

Give thanks for family and friends. 

Be grateful for all of life’s learning opportunities to receive God’s wisdom.

It’s important to know exactly where we are and understand what we already have.

Recognizing our assets – which includes our knowledge, expertise, life experiences and all that we have learned – can help us as we encounter and respond appropriately to new opportunities presented to us in our lives.


2. Create a vision of where you and your family want to be in the future.

From our experience, this is the part where most people start to get lost… at the beginning!

Trust us, this was a lesson we experienced for ourselves as well. We found that most people hopped onto the hamster wheel of work and life without thinking about who they wanted to be, understand what they wanted to or were willing to do, in order to have what they really wanted in life.

Now, here’s the fun part. Let’s take time to dream.
Even if you haven’t taken the time to dream for a while, write some things down. Then every day, or every few days, work on clarifying your dreams.

  • Include clear, descriptive words.
  • Find images, or better yet, gather some photos from the internet or from magazines.
  • Most importantly, stay connected to how those dreams feel, when you vision yourself already fulfilling those dreams.

What will is feel like to buy your wife the home of her dreams? Why would this be important for you?

What will it look like and feel like when your children get to complete the education they desire to do the work they were meant to share with the world? Why is this important?

What will it look like and feel like, when you have more time to really live, with enough time and purpose to be with family, with friends in your community, in the places where you were meant to share your gifts? What meaning does this have for your life?

Like I said, this is the fun part… See the pattern here?
Now, dream big!!!

What’s important is that you are willing to be open, be willing to be coached, and be willing to take appropriate action toward the direction of your dreams.

We’ll meet in the middle to help you create a plan that is as unique as you and your family. And you will have the support of our family and team of like-minded investors who support your journey towards a meaningful and amazing life!

3. Take action and leverage your activity to maximize your plan.

Based on where you are, we can help you develop an action plan to help you achieve your goals. However, without a vision – a design for your life – it makes no sense to create a plan, if we don’t know where you want to go. (Note, this is a hint to go back to step 2 if you need to get clear on your life vision.)

We help individuals and families achieve their goals based on your unique conditions. For example, if credit is an issue, we’ll have you work towards repairing your credit as part of your success plan. If it’s not an issue, then of course, we move onto other things.

Understand, the process will probably have you address things that have likely been convenient to avoid. For example, you will want to determine if you and your spouse (or partner) on the same page for your life vision?

Often time, these discussions are easily discussed open and honestly. Sometimes, it takes a little more honesty and transparency and the willingness to speak authentically like never before.

It would give us great joy and honor to help you and your family create a plan to achieve your life goals and legacy!

Real estate investing just happens to be a vehicle to help us help you and our clients to see life’s plans begin to take shape and unfold.

If you’ve read this far, there’s possibly a dream you’d like to share and want an accountability mentor coach to help you make it a reality.

We would be honored to work with you to make your dreams a reality for you and your family.

Feel free to contact us at your convenience for a complimentary discussion today.