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an amazing life!

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Your Best Thinking Got You Where You Are.

And if it isn’t where you want to be, then it’s time to make a change. 

The problem is… how do you make that change? 

You find someone to help build a new perspective. Then you put in the work to build the life you want..

Tim Grimmett, with his wife, Nancy, works with men, women, and families who are focused on creating amazing lives wealthy in income and love. 

Tim’s work with individuals, families, and groups is focused on the two areas critical to creating a satisfying, successful life. Building sustainable, recurring income through real estate investing and creating deep, satisfying marital relationships based on honesty, faith, and strong self-awareness and personal boundaries. 

If you’re ready to build your foundation for an amazing life, Tim can help through his coaching programs, as a speaker for your next business or church-based event, and through his work as an author, sharing his personal struggles and how he overcame addiction, workaholism, and infidelity.

Who is Tim?

How I Met God in Real Estate

Tim Grimmett started investing in real estate in 1999. As a husband and father of three young girls, he recognized that he had to find a way to support and provide for their financial needs. He sought different mentors and found success in real estate investing.

However, Tim had a secret that very few knew about, and if found out, would blow up all of his success and everything he had worked for might soon collapse. He would do anything to have what he desired. Could he really sustain all that he was building—his family, his success, and everything he’d built? He wanted freedom and he wanted all of his desires fulfilled.

He had to find a way to keep it all before it all came tumbling down. One day, his request was answered, but not in the way he intended. … or was it?

“My biggest hesitation was possibly losing money or tying up my money. I was super hesitant and cautious. I would recommend just do it. The sooner you start the sooner you will be reaching your goals. We are hooked on it now.”
~ BJ Brownlee, business owner and real estate investor

Wealth in Income

Acquiring rental property is the key to an Amazing Life is having the financial resources at hand so that you are in charge of your own day. Learn how to start investing in real estate, build recurring income and reach financial freedom. By learning Tim’s signature investing style, you can reach your financial goals and ditch your 9-5 job in the time it takes most families to pay off a new car. Learn the ins and outs of building a sustainable investing business without a significant cash investment. The Income For Life program teaches exactly how to get investing in 30 days or less with Tim’s 20 years of expertise to guide you along the way. 

Wealth in Love

Through our experience, we are excited to share our journey and process to living an AMAZING LIFE. 

Healthy, strong marriages based in faith are fundamental to creating an Amazing Life. Join countless couples who have discovered how to create intimate and trusting relationships and create the love and life of their dreams through the Date Your Mate Encounter.

Wealth in Self

Need a vibrant, faith-based speaker for your next school, church, business, or organizational event? Tim’s talks are uplifting, inspiring, and bring forth positive change. Topics include building strong families, investment strategies, marriage, and addiction.