Tim Grimmet

Meet Tim

Are you living the life you really want to live?

That’s a question I ask many people I meet. 

Do you find it funny? We grow up, go to school, find a job, have a family and more often that not, most people don’t think about what they want for their life.

Maybe you dream about that “some day” moment when you will be able to live the life you want, I mean the one you really want to live… but, are you taking the steps to actually make it a reality?

I am an Amazing Life coach.

I help successful professionals live authentic lives according to their own terms, achieving time and income freedom through passive real estate investments and simultaneously creating monumental relationships with their spouse and children.

Are you living an amazing life, one that you really want to live? 


Just like anything worth having, I found myself living a life that drained my energies, took me away from quality time with my wife and family and I was doing all the wrong things for all the right reasons. 

You see, I bought into the story that many of us heard growing up, about working hard to achieve the American Dream. I was never afraid of hard work. Growing up in a farming community, it was just sort of the norm for most people.

After high school, I attended the university of my choice. I fell in love with Nancy, who is now my wife. She was my partner for all of the things I wanted to do and become. After a while, we started a family and we have 3 beautiful girls who we have raised to become amazing women, who now are following their life purpose and mission. 

At the beginning of my career, I worked a full time job, while also realizing that I wanted to build a business of my own. I thought direct sales marketing was the path for our financial independence. 

One day, one of my regular customers came into the store that I managed, and he showed me a check for $23,000. I asked him where we got the money, because I never really saw him as someone who worked very hard. 

He usually came in dressed in casual attire, with his supposed to be concealed weapon on his side. He told me about the real estate he’d just sold and I was excited to learn more. We made an appointment so that I could meet with him, hoping to learn how I could learn to start investing. There’s a few more colorful pieces of the story, but all to say, that meeting changed the direction of my life in a big way. 

I learned a lot through my first few real estate rehab projects and I decided to just keep going. 

I trusted that somehow everything would also work out well. And it did! 

It worked out so well that I purchased a small building, enrolled a team of people to help me grow the company and I was on the top of the world.

It seemed like I could have everything that I desired, as long as I worked harder and kept all of the plates twirling… you know what I mean? 

Our team held monthly meetings at hotel conference rooms with wall-to-wall capacity attracting new buyers, sellers, contractors and everyone you would need to do a great real estate deal. I could hardly believe it myself.

Then one day, as quickly as it seemed to have come about, everything changed and not for the better. 

My relationship with my wife suffered, my daughters were growing up faster than I realized and I was burning the candle at both ends. 

Something had to change. I was running so fast, it seemed like there was no time to slow down, to think, to reflect. And you know what happens that that happens right? Something happens when we least expect it to force our attention to the parts of our life that matter the most. 

Our family had to manage many challenges all at the same time.

My mother-in-law and my wife were experiencing difficult health challenges. I was struggling with personal and business issues trying to keep things together for my family.

I won’t lie. It was not an easy time. There were many arguments, hurt feelings, disappointments… along with a large amount of distrust and loss of respect. 

I don’t think that I would ever wish that time and experience for anyone, but I am here to share with you that I’ve come to realize that those are the times when we experience our most significant growth. 

My experience changed me, changed my wife and our family. 

And without giving away all of the details, I can say to you that living an amazing life is not only possible, it is what we are here to experience. It is why we here. It is what is promised to us. 

Why am I sharing this with you? 

First, I want you to know that I’m the type of person who will tell you like it is. I’ll be open and transparent with you. Unfortunately, most people don’t have that type of honesty in any or all of their core relationships and I can understand why. It requires each of us to be honest… at times very honest. 

And that leads me to the next question.

How can I help you with your life, business or relationships?

I believe, if you are willing to review your life, understand who you are and do the work to uncover your mission, you can live an amazing life. 

Yes, there is work. Yes, there may be things you do not want to address, admit, change or perhaps you are not aware of quite yet.

However, I trust that if you are willing to do the work, be willing to be open and communicate and commit to having the life you really want, you can make it become a reality.

The only question is, will you do it? I hope you will. 

Contact me and let me know what an amazing life might like for you and if you do achieve that life, what would have mean for you, your spouse, your family, your business?

Are you ready?

If you are ready to step into changing your life, your business and your relationships to become more than you are currently experiencing, then I invite you to schedule a call with me so we can work together to discover what is possible for you, your family and your life.