Almost everyone has wishes, hopes and dreams. Successful people create goals and actions plans to make them real!

Are you living, being, doing the things you really want in your life?

Do you feel frustrated, overwhelmed or confused?

Are you ready for a mindset makeover?

Do you notice your beliefs, internal fears, mental self-image affecting your actions, habits or behaviors?

Want to turn these around so that you can direct the direction of your life? business? career? relationships? 

Would you like to learn how your mindset can influence opportunities around you so that you can take steps toward positive lasting change?

Do you know the real purpose of how to spend your time in your life? 

Ever feel like life is passing by so quickly, with no idea how to slow it down so you can make the changes you really want to experience in your life?

Would like assistance in gaining clarity and direction for the things you want to experience in your life?

Have you found yourself working tirelessly implementing someone else’s dream, and not giving your goals the attention they deserve?

Have you wondered why you still have not accomplished the things you want to really experience in your life?

Ever feel like everyone else’s needs and priorities get more of your attention? 

Give Your Yourself and Your LIFE, the Time and Attention You Deserve!

Register today for the BLINDSIDE DISCOVER WORKSHOP where you can take FAITHFUL ACTION toward living a meaningful and purposeful life, so that you can live you true purpose, work in the career or business that best suits you and your relationships thrive with love and support

  • Commit to a discipline of doing what you didn’t before

  • Have renewed strength because you have clarity and purpose
  • Become skilled at taking action – even when you are afraid
  • Act in confidence knowing where you receive your source of strength


At the Blind Side Discovery Retreat you will:
• Discover what within you is holding you back
• Identify and cultivate what motivates you
• Develop your self-awareness and emotional intelligence
• Learn how new mindsets can give you the power to have the life you want
• Discover how to walk a path to overcome discouragement
• Develop confidence in your capabilities so you can maximize them
• Learn a process to define the life you want


We begin with personal pre-work:
You will share information to help you prepare for an action packed experience and impactful retreat. 


  • Registration
  • What do I want?
  • Where am I now?
  • Creating a life plan
  • Am I willing to change?


  • What’s holding me back?
  • What do I value?
  • Who am I? Whose am I?
  • Define the Purpose for My Life


  • I am committed to…
  • My Action Plan


Our retreat program provides you with:

  • Experiences that allows you to see through new eyes
  • Tools and resources to help you respond to what is in your way
  • A new healthy community 
  • A renewed desire to move forward
  • Freedom to hope and feel confident that you are able to pursue the life you dream of

OPTIONAL : ADDITIONAL 90-Day Coaching Following

The coaching program incorporates discussion and individualized activities based on your personal style, identified goals and individual preferences.

Designed to assist you as you clarify and develop your plans to achieve what you truly want to accomplish, to customize actions that will help you take incremental steps to achieve your goals.
Your coach will support you as you let go of your past and find restoration to fulfill your purpose.

Coaching can help you renew the joy in your life!

The optional 90 day follow-up coaching will be offered at the event for select participants who have demonstrated a desire to take the steps necessary to achieve their goals.

Meet Your Blindside Discovery Coaching Team

Tim Grimmett

Life Coach, Founder Amazing Life Coach, & Income For Life, Author, Entrepreneur

Amazing Life Coach Tim Grimmett  strives to work for God with his whole heart and soul. 

His passion is to help individuals discover, grow and express their true selves via entrepreneurship rooted in Biblical principles…to guide them beyond their comfort zones to create lifelong residual income streams and live an Amazing Life.

Before real estate investing, Tim worked as a financial planner, retail operations manager and direct sales marketer. (Tim leads with a goal of sustaining $20,000 per month in residual income that requires no more than 20 hours per week to maintain.)

Tim is a veteran of the armed forces, is the author of “How I Met God in Real Estate” and is happily married to wife Nancy Grimmett.

Wayne Crull

Life Coach, CEO, Consultant,
Business Strategist

Wayne Crull has a distinguished background in management, strategic operations, and fundraising. He served as CEO of Edgewood Children’s Center, where he managed a $17M budget. He later successfully achieved the turnaround of a charter school in Kansas City. He worked as a fundraiser and social service program builder for the Missouri Baptist Children’s Home.

As a consultant, Crull has worked on projects nationally for the construction finishing trades industry. He loves to help people develop clarity regarding their purpose, their message and their path to a fulfilling life.

Crull is veteran of the U.S. Navy, where he was a cryptographer. He holds a BA in sociology from the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma and a Doctor of Divinity degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological University.

Marita LaChapell

Life Coach, Entrepreneur, CPA, Consultant Personal Financial Specialist, Certified Kingdom Advisor

Marita LaChapell is a coach and business consultant with expertise in finance, operations, business process improvement and entrepreneurship. As a Certified Kingdom Advisor, she is passionate about helping people grow in their ability and desire to live their lives rooted in Biblical principles. She assists business leaders and entrepreneurs develop systems designed to grow their businesses profitably, coaches them to lead and serve their teams well and helps them discover a life aligned with their purpose.

Marita has worked as a Consultant/CPA, CFO in the manufacturing sector, an executive and advisor in the Financial Services industry and is founder and Managing Partner of ALIGN Financial. She believes having multiple streams of income can allow you to live a life of purpose. LaChapell finds her greatest joy in life through church leadership and missions, being Mom to six children (and a grandbaby!), and serving as a foster parent.


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We look forward to be able to work with you to help you define and create an Amazing Life!